House And Land Process

1) Select your new Home and Land Package.

  • Talk with our helpful sales team to select the best suited Home and Land Package to meet your requirements and budget.
  • Within 5 days:
    • -We will produce a New Home Proposal for you to review.
    • -This a document that provides the inclusions and a fixed price for your new Home and Land Package based on your selections.

2) Secure your new New Edge Home and Land Package.

  • Within 9 days of reviewing your New Home Proposal:
    • -All you need to pay is a $2,500 deposit and we will then take the package ‘off the market’ and commence the preparation of your building contract and other necessary documents.
    • -This is your final opportunity to make any changes to your selected design, Any variations past this stage will incur a $2,000 variation fee.
  • Within 28 days of paying your deposit :
    • -You will need to be available to attend a contract presentation / contract signing meeting with your sales consultant.
    • -This is where you will be signing your building plans.
    • -You will also be signing your building contract at this meeting along with paying a balance of a 5% deposit of the building contract value.
  • Within 2 days of paying 5% of the Build Contract:
    • -We will then “nominate” you as the purchaser of the lot to the Developer and you will receive a land contract shortly thereafter.
    • -You then sign the land contract and pay the Developer exchange deposit amount (up to 10% of the land price) within 14 days of receipt of the land contract.
  • In the time between nominating and the land registering:
    • -You have the exciting task of choosing your preferred internal and external colour selection option.
    • -New Edge Homes will seek to obtain any available documentation to expedite the approval process once land registers.
  • We then wait until the land registers…
    • -When registered, this is where you settle the land with the Developer (the land price less the 10% land deposit already paid)
  • New Edge Homes will then start the approval process to obtain all required approvals prior to starting the construction of your new home.

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