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From the style of the season right through to what to expect when you are building, we cover a range of topics in this blog, updated weekly. Keep up to date with the latest news, views and happenings at New Edge Homes

How To Protect Your Flooring

How To Protect Your Flooring

Tiles, floorboards and carpet all require different forms of maintenance. No matter what flooring you have, they can all, unfortunately, be prone to damage of different forms. And, because it’s the surface underfoot, it’s likely to face all kinds of wear and tear. From spills and stains to rips and...
Simple At-Home Switches That Will Help The Planet

Simple At-Home Switches That Will Help The Planet

As we go about our daily lives at home, it can slip our minds to think of how the products we use affect the environment. Larger installations at home, such as solar panels, are often what people think of when the suggestion is made to make your home greener. While...

What You Need To Know About The HomeBuilder Scheme

What’s better than building a brand-new house? Getting financial assistance to build a brand-new house! The Australian Government is aiding owner-occupiers who want to build new by providing a $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant that’s administered by Revenue NSW. The Grant is also available to those who plan on undertaking a major...
Refreshing A Kid's Bedroom Into A Teen's Bedroom

Refreshing A Kid’s Bedroom Into A Teen’s Bedroom

Kids grow up so fast and before you know it, they’re no longer the newborn you were holding in your arms in what seems like was only a short time ago. If you have a child who is just entering a more mature age and no longer requires a toybox,...
How To Make Moving Day Easier

How To Make Moving Day Easier

Moving houses is no easy feat, especially if the whole family is moving from one residence into a brand-new home. On the bright side, it is a clean slate and a new beginning that forces you to re-evaluate the things you own and have a big spring clean. To make...

Why A House & Land Package Could Benefit You

Building new for the first time is a learning experience for many homeowners. From understanding house designs to finding the perfect lot of land, plenty of research is needed before committing to one choice – a big choice! Of course, it’s not easy to know everything there is to know...

3 Features That Increase The Value Of Your Property

With any purchase, you want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck. The reason why it’s even more important when buying a house is that property is one of the biggest and arguably most important assets you can own. Not only can a house be...
Macarthur (Regal Elite)

Metal Or Tile Roofing? Here’s What You Need To Know

When it comes to building a brand-new home, the options for each part of the property are endless. Whether it’s fixtures, colours, materials – it’s easy to get caught up and overwhelmed. At New Edge Homes, we want to make your choices easier by letting you know the difference between...
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How To Realistically Budget Your New Build

Diving into the deep end of building a home can be stressful, especially if you’re not confident in your budget or how much you’re expecting to spend. Getting approval for a loan is exciting, but you don’t really want to put all of your eggs in one basket and stretch...

Tips For Landlords: 5 Things Tenants Look For In A Rental

Being a landlord puts you in a great position to generate more income through rental yields. But whether your investment is an already existing home or a house that you’re building new, you won’t be able to determine the success rate of your rental unless you know what tenants are...
6 Things To Consider When Picking Where To Build

6 Things To Consider When Picking Where To Build

With new developments and suburbs arising all around the state (and country!), it’s not an easy choice to pick where to buy land. Whether you’re building your dream home or an investment, it’s important to carefully consider which suburb will offer you the most value. While there are many reasons...
NEH - Rosewood 33 - Laundry

How To Organise A Functional Laundry Room

One of the most overlooked rooms in the house is the laundry. It’s not usually the wow-factor or make-or-break of a home, especially if you’re building. As long as there’s enough space to accommodate for the bulkier appliances such as the washing machine and dryer, the laundry is assumed to...
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